Joint project: Heating Grid Navigator Software to comprehensively optimise the operation of heating systems at city and district levels


The integration of solar heating into centralised heating supply systems (local or district heating) is a promising approach to using renewable solar power. The individual components of such a system, including the solar array, short-term heat storage, CHP plant and the heating grid, create a complex field through their mutual influencing of oneanother, one in which optimal operation is not easy to attain. Grid operators thus require complex software solutions for this.

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we are developing the Heating Grid Navigator (HG-Navi).

The Heating Grid Navigator is a system solution consisting of software and hardware elements, interfaces and services for the comprehensive operational optimisation of district heating systems. This should take account of, for example, grid structures, CHP plants, large solar thermal systems and short-term heat storage. The complex system solution enables operators to achieve a reliable, ecological and economically optimal operation, despite difficult framework conditions (the integration of fluctuating renewable energy sources and electricity prices etc.).