LoadManager | Data Management (EDM)

The LoadManager|EDM is directly tailored to the requirements of energy suppliers, direct sellers, traders, grid operators and industrial companies. It brings together the knowledge of our experts and experience from years of practical applications in a host of companies. It is designed for the requirements of both smaller and larger companies.

The LoadManager assists you in storing and managing energy sector data. Underpinned by an audit-compliant data basis, you can thus securely carry out your energy sector processes:

  • Customer change processes according to GPKE/GeLi Gas
  • Balancing group management according to MaBiS and GaBi Gas
  • Schedule notifications with the aid of the entso-e Scheduling System (ESS)
  • Schedule notifications within the framework of the System Operation Guideline (SO GL)
  • Nomination management gas
  • Offer calculations
  • Billing verifications
  • REMIT notifications


Comprehensive visualisation functions round off the LoadManager. You may thus visualise data over any desired timescales and expand the LoadManager|EDM to become an online monitoring system for watching over load values, weather data, prices and forecasts at very varied scales.

Data Analysis

The LoadManager permits data to be prepared manually or automatically in such a way that further functions, such as the creation of load forecasts or portfolio planning, may be carried out smoothly. In this way, statistical analyses determine relevant forecast influencing factors, which directly improve the quality of the forecasts.