In practical use: Alert to ice accretion

In addition to wind velocity and direction the power generation of wind turbines is affected by environmental conditions such as air temperature and humidity acting on their blades. In particular, extremes of temperature and relative humidity at hub height (both low and high values) may cause the turbines to stop which thus prohibits the generation of power. For example, during extremely low temperatures and with relatively high humidity, ice accretion on the wind turbine blades would occur which would cause the wind turbine to stop working.

Forecasting ice accretion is highly important for day ahead and short-term power generation forecasts. We aim to provide several forecasts of ice accretion per day thereby supporting our customers with their operations.

This service forms a new component to the LoadManager® and complements the current wind turbine shutdown alert service. The following key factors are considered in issuing a wind turbine shutdown alert:

  •   unfavourable weather conditions (as discussed above)
  •   intensive bat activity
  •   during breeding periods of various ground-breeding birds which also prohibits agricultural activities such as mowing

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